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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Gathering.

Glenn will be at The Gathering, a group of local merchants, in Ocala on Saturday, February 27, 2010. Make plans now to attend the gathering, and chat with Glenn about your own personal fitness program. Click on the poster to see it better.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Do You Need a Certified Personal Trainer? Part 2

Are you stuck in a routine with few results?

It's common for people to "plateau" when they have been doing a routine over a long period of time. That means that you are working without apparent results. Your trainer can look at your habits, diet, and exercise, and help you determine what changes will make your routine more effective. He can also review your goals to discover if they are reasonable for you.

How long will my personal trainer work with me?

Typically, a trainer will work with you thoroughly for several months. He will attend all workout sessions to be sure you understand your program, and do not develop bad habits that might be harmful over the long term. After the initial term, he may be available to observe occasional exercise sessions to make sure his client is on task.

Where will I have to go to meet with my trainer?

Some personal trainers work with a gym, and meet their clients there. In general, these trainers only meet with their clients the first few times they work out at the gym. Others work independently with their regulars. Some folks prefer to exercise at home, and your personal trainer is the right person to suggest what gear you may need to work out. Your coach will show you how to use what you have, or may bring equipment with him to help you get a good workout.

Aren't personal trainers expensive to hire?

Generally, the high-cost trainers work exclusively with celebrities. Independent trainers run a little higher than those who work with a gym or fitness club. More importantly, check for credentials, and background of a potential trainer. Some trainers will have special offers to sweeten the deal.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Do You Need a Certified Personal Trainer? Part 1

Why is there a need for a personal trainer? You walk regularly, right? Oh, and you always park at the farthest point from the supermarket door, and pack your own groceries into the trunk. That should count for something, shouldn't it? What exactly does a personal trainer do that you can't do for yourself?

The "personal" in personal trainer

A personal trainer will look at you as an individual. After an in-depth interview with you, he is prepared to coach you in nutritional needs (including how to read and interpret those labels on your food). He will teach you how to track your food intake, discuss calories, and will explain the importance of your Body Mass Index (BMI).

Do you have special health conditions, injuries, or some exacting fitness goals? Your personal trainer will work with your healthcare provider to design a unique program just for you. Your program will take into account how to achieve your personal health goals in a safe, proficient manner.

A personal safety instructor

Your trainer will be there to help keep you safe as you embark on your personally designed fitness routines. He is there to make sure you do not injure yourself by pushing yourself too hard, and to help you push yourself when necessary.

Personal motivation

One of the biggest advantages of having a personal trainer is the motivation he provides. He is there to encourage you when you feel like giving up. One thing many of us need is accountability, and a trainer provides that. His goal is to see you develop an overall healthy lifestyle, not just a now-and-then workout session.

To be continued…

If you are looking for an experienced, certified Personal Trainer, call Glenn at 352-804-0223, or check out Glenn's web site: